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The Laundry Room is much more than your average laundromat. We provide a wide variety of services to cater to all of our customers’ need.

Deep & Wide

Our focus as a company is both deep and wide. Whether you need to take care of a single load of laundry or your corporation requires thousands of loads to be washed a year, we have the facilities, machines, and man power to take care of any job. Our brand new, high-capacity Dexter washers and dryers can make quick and clean work of any laundry situation.

Not only do we provide services to take care of residential and commercial laundry needs, but we also strive to provide all our clients with a pleasant and enjoyable laundry experience. Our updated facilities have been designed with you in mind. We offer a wide variety of comforts to  help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

These services include:


  • Smart TV, Netflix, musical video, and much more
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air Condition
  • Beverages and a wide variety of laundry supplies for purchase
Soda Machine


We are committed to serving you with excellence in every aspect of your laundry needs, and like our new machines, our service is both deep and wide. 


Self-Service Laundry

We have a fully operational coin laundry facility. We also have a full selection of laundry detergents and supplies for purchase as well as basic comforts like cold beverages, free Wi-Fi, smart television, and more!

No Place Like The Laundry Room

We know doing laundry can sometimes be a headache, and we have attempted to take every step to eliminate that headache.  Whether you arrive at 7:30am in the morning or 8:00pm at night, our laundromat is set up just for you. We provide free WiFi and television to help you pass the time, and we also have made sure that you have access to any kind of laundry supplies you may need. We aim to stand out from the crowd and make your self-service laundry experience pleasant.

New & Improved

We are under new management and that means new facilities, new machines, and new company culture. We have maximize our machines in both size and amount so that you can get more done with less waiting time. Come by today and see our new facilities!

Commercial Laundry

The Laundry Room has the washing and drying services to completely service your organization's commercial laundry needs. Our prices are competitive and our services are great!

We are Business People

We know that running a business is not the easiest thing to do. We also know that profit depends on getting overhead down by using quick, efficient, and reliable methods to cut costs. Our Commercial Laundry service does just that. We have proven methods to at least cut back the costs and take out the hassle of your business's laundry. Our facility is equipped with powerful, efficient and high capicity machines which allow us to do more loads in a shorter amount of time. If you sign with our company you will not regret our results, nor our professionalism and efficiency.

Pickup & Delivery

At the Laundry Room, you'll never even have to walk out of your door to get your laundry done. We provide pickup and delivery services to provide you with the most convenient laundry experience possible. We provide this service to residential clients as well as commercial clients.

The Extra Mile

We have always striven to go the extra mile for clients, so we decided that we would literally take that next step and provide delivery service for our clients. We will take the hassle out of caring your laundry back and forth to our facility and we will do the heavy lifting for you. It's one more way that we can meet your needs and make your laundry experience the most convenient and pleasant possible.


Fluff & Fold

The Laundry Room provides affordable full laundry services, such as fluff and fold, drycleaning and more. Inquire today to learn more!

Professional Services

If you are in a hurry or just need someone else to take care of the fine details of your laundry, we are here to help. Our team will wash, dry, iron, fluff, and fold any and all of your laundry. There is nothing that we will not do to make sure that whatever laundry needs you have are taken care of. If you do not have time or do not enjoy the ironing, starching, or folding of your laundry, then let our team take care of it for you!